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CHICAGO IDEAS WEEK October 17, 2015


Simon & Schuster’s “Tips for Life and Love” channel has created some videos with fast, handy summaries of some of the big ideas on the blog and in the book. Here’s the first one, one arousal nonconcordance:

And another, on the dual control model:


Here’s Portland OR’s AM Northwest – this was so fun.

This is Huffpost Live with the brilliant Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani.

This is from Australia’s Studio 10 – an morning show, which means this is me trying VERY HARD to keep it all PG!

It’s hard to capture in a video what happens in my live talks. There’s an energy in the room that’s like ultraviolet light – it doesn’t show up on camera. Still, here are some videos of relationship talks I’ve done.

Family Tree to Love Nest – an hour and a half on four kinds of emotional crap we inherit from our families of origin, and what to do about it.

That’s Not Delicious: the science of trust and betrayal – an hour and a half on the nature of trust in terms of game theory, and how to cultivate it in your relationships.

And here are some short snippets:

  1. What is attachment?

  2. Attachment styles and dynamics

  3. Breaking up

  4. What we give and receive in relationships



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