tedxunrI provide sex education for individuals and partners, on a limited basis. Check out the following detailed info, and then if you’re interested, send me an email through the form below:

Is individual sex education with Emily right for you?
It’s best for people who’ve read my book, thought about the ideas, and would like to delve more deeply into understanding how to use those ideas in their own life.

I mostly work with women – that is, people who identify as women, regardless of your birth-assigned gender, your genitals, or your cultural socialization. I also work with couples of all gender configurations.


Who is it NOT right for?
If you’re experiencing unwanted pain, I’ll just tell you to see a medical provider, so… see a medical provider.

If you’re in a BDSM relationship, I’ll just refer you to someone who knows more expert around that than I do so, check out, for example, the folks at the Center for Positive Sexuality.

If you have a significant, unresolved trauma history, I’ll just refer you to a therapist, so check out, for example, Northampton Sex Therapy Associates. Lots of us have trauma in our histories, and many of us have had the opportunity to resolve a great deal of it, but if it’s still raw and fresh for you, therapy will be more effective than education.


Is there touching or nudity?
Nope. There are sex folks- for example the wonderful Charlie Glickman and Felice Newman, who do somatic (body-based) education and coaching, and the superb Kristin Chamberlin, whose Somatic Center involves body-based healing of all kinds – and that’s the right choice for a lot of folks. It doesn’t happen to be what I do.


What happens?
It’s a conversation. We start with an individual assessment of your brakes and accelerator, sexual contexts, and history. I’ll probably also ask about your overall wellbeing and temperament. Then we talk about where the knots are and what strategies might be helpful for untangling them.

Two is the most common number of sessions – and initial assessment, a little homework, and some  follow-up – separated by about a month.


Where does it happen?
Mostly over Skype.


What’s the difference between sex education and sex therapy?
If your sexuality is like a garden maze, then with sex education I show you a map of the maze and I point out the tools you have available to navigate your way through it, and we talk about it, but you do the work itself on your own.

A sex therapist goes into the maze with you, step by step.

On a more practical level, sex education with me is not covered by your insurance.


What does it cost?
$250 per 1-hour session.

I know. It’s a bunch. Seriously, read the book and try the worksheets there first. For less than 1/10th the price of a one-on-one session, you’ll get so much.

But if you’ve read the book and you feel stuck… I can help.