Some quotes from folks who’ve seen me present:

Ebook Reader's TestimonialThis session was fantastic – Emily is a dynamo. So engaging and an expert in the content. I really enjoyed learning about the differences btw men and women’s sexual response systems and look forward to bringing this knowledge back to my campus.

Emily was fabulous and made a subject that we don’t spend much time talking about very clear. The scientific background and research connections were fascinating.

Emily is a rock star.

Emily rocks!

OMG!. Where does she get the energy? She was fun and informative. I can see why students love her and she is fun and full of knowledge. A great combiination

Excellent presentation, best of the conference an amazing mix of fact facts and fun Thank you!

Outstanding lecture. One of the best lectures I’ve ever been Ebook Reader's Testimonialto at a conference.

My coworkers and I unanimously want this presenter to come speak to our students about sexuality.


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But wait! You know what my “How could this be improved” feedback looks like? This:

Ebook Reader's Testimonialmore time

It could have been longer! I wasn’t ready to have her stop.

This was an outstanding presentation: intellectually challenging but clinically applicable as well.

more time!

No way to improve.

It was GREAT !! Something we do not think of very often!

No improvements necessary – excellent session.Ebook Reader's Testimonial

Too many attemdees, hard to hear questions